Professional Hospital and GP Surgery Cleaning – The Key to Reducing the Risk of Cross-Contamination

Professional Hospital and GP Surgery Cleaning – The Key to Reducing the Risk of Cross-Contamination

It goes without saying that proper cleaning is one of the most essential everyday tasks in healthcare facilities. It not only ensures patients and workers’ safety, but also has a huge impact on the reputation of the hospital or clinic. While every hospital has a dedicated housekeeping team to ensure hospital and GP surgery cleaning, they may not be doing enough.

Since housekeeping staff has lots to do, they may overlook a few areas or ignore some standard hospital cleaning protocols at times. Some (smaller) healthcare facilities may also have people on the housekeeping team that lack training in proper handling, disposal, cleaning, and precautionary procedures. These people can (unknowingly) become the reason for further spreading various bacteria and viruses through cross-contamination.

This is why it’s essential for healthcare facilities to get their premises cleaned by professional hospital cleaning services, at regular intervals.

How a Professional Medical Cleaning Service Can Help Minimize the Risk of Cross-Contamination

Here are a few factors that set professional hospital and GP surgery cleaning services apart from your regular housekeeping staff:

·        They Know the Protocols of Hospital Cleaning

The process of hospital cleaning is totally different from that of other commercial spaces. Here, you cannot get away with just wiping the surfaces with a piece of cloth, removing the dust and debris that might have collected over them. You need to follow intensive and extensive cleaning protocols to reduce the spread of germs and minimize cross-contamination. This includes cleaning and disinfecting, at the very minimum. 

A reputable and experienced medical cleaning company knows and ensures that its team follows the hospital cleaning protocols.

·        They Do Comprehensive Deep Cleaning

Unlike an average cleaning company or your regular cleaning staff, a good hospital and GP surgery cleaning service doesn’t only focus on public and high-traffic areas. They deep clean each and every area of your facility, including the handrails and doorknobs that most standard cleaning companies might ignore.

Doors, doorknobs, and handrails are some of the biggest sources of cross-contamination in healthcare facilities. Everyone touches doorknobs, a large number of people touch doors, and many use handrails for support while walking or standing. If not cleaned and disinfected properly, these fixtures can easily transmit germs from one individual to another.

The Final Word

Reputable professional hospital cleaning companies have fully-trained staff as well as advanced hospital-grade cleaning equipment. In other words, they know and also have the means to clean healthcare facilities quickly and efficiently. Hence, they can help significantly minimize (if not eliminate) the risk of cross-contamination; the biggest underlying factor behind the spread of germs and diseases. So, if you run or manage a healthcare facility, don’t put yourself, your patients, staff, and your reputation at risk and hire a commercial cleaning company right away! But, make sure to check that they have the trained staff, tools, and experience in hospital and GP surgery cleaning.

If you’re located in London, you don’t need to look anywhere else because we have got you covered. ECS Commercial Cleaning has been providing comprehensive hospital and GP surgery cleaning services in London for over a decade. We know the standard cleaning procedures healthcare facilities need to follow as well as have the experience of working with all types of healthcare establishments. ECS Commercial Cleaning has a 100% CQC (Care Quality Commission) pass rate, so you can be sure and safe that you have come to the right place.

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