Making Your Workplace Covid Secure

Making Your Workplace Covid Secure

During these unprecedented times, it’s never been more important to keep ourselves clean and safe.

Whilst some of us are still working from home, others are already preparing to return to their offices. There’s still some uncertainty about whether or not we’ll be safe back in our workplaces, but we’re all craving that social interaction that we miss so much.

With that in mind, safety is still completely key in all of our “back to work” agendas. You need to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary cleaning products and sanitisation equipment needed to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

Here at ECS Commercial Cleaning, we perform optimal, professional cleaning services for a range of different businesses and establishments. Our fully-trained staff are equipped with the necessary Covid 19 cleaning products and machines to ensure that your workplace is as health and sanitised as possible.

Want to know how you can best help your workplace? Read our article below.

Clean Frequently

When you return to the workplace, you need to make sure that you’re cleaning and disinfecting regularly, and this doesn’t just apply to washing your hands. All surfaces, such as desks and countertops, need to be thoroughly wiped down with high-quality cleaning equipment and products to ensure that you have a safe working environment.

Make sure that all your staff are provided with PPE, such as hand sanitiser, in order for them to keep themselves and others safe. Ensure that you are frequently wiping down surfaces with disinfectant to keep harmful bacteria and microbes at bay.

We here at ECS Commercial Cleaning specialise in workplace and office cleaning, and we are fully-equipped with the latest covid-19 industrial cleaning equipment, putting your safety first. We also sell consumable supply perfect for preparing your office for the all-important safe return to work.

Focus on ‘High Traffic’ Areas

By ‘high traffic’ areas, we mean any surfaces or equipment that is frequently touched and used. For instance, this can apply to kitchen worktops, door handles and keyboards. Surfaces such as these need extra attention when you undertake a deep clean, so it’s important that you’re equipped with the relevant products.

Extra attention needs to be paid to communal areas such as toilets and kitchens, so ensure that you are cleaning these areas frequently throughout the day. Heavily used items in these areas, such as kettles, cutlery and taps should be cleaned and sanitised regularly to keep your work environment healthy.

Sometimes, it’s worth investing in a deep clean carried out by a professional cleaning company. ECS are a commercial cleaning service operating in London and the surrounding areas, who can carry out covid 19 cleaning to the highest of standard. Hiring a commercial cleaning company can help keep you and your employees safe from all types of harmful bacteria and microbes.

Pay Attention to Your Flooring

When we clean our office spaces, we usually pay the most attention to surfaces that our hand’s touch, such as desks and door handles. But flooring such as carpet can be a breeding ground for microbes and allergens.

Dirt and bacteria can get buried deep within the fibres of your carpet, and will stay present even after you’ve vacuumed. It’s always worth hiring a professional commercial cleaner to give your floor the treatment it deserves, and the removal of microbes within your carpet can improve the air quality in your workplace. This can improve the health of your employees, and reduce the number of sick days.

In Conclusion

It’s never been more important to keep your workplace clean than during these unprecedented times that we find ourselves in. Here at ECS Commercial Cleaning, we offer high quality, effective covid 19 cleaning for all offices and establishments.

Keeping our clients and staff safe is one of our top priorities, so we always strive to provide an efficient and optimal service. We have invested in the best equipment to ensure a healthy and sanitised clean.

If you would like more information on how we can help your business, give us a call on 03301740799. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.

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