Health Risks of an Unclean Office

Health Risks of an Unclean Office

It’s no secret that you should treat your office like it’s your home when it comes to keeping it clean. Not only does it keep it looking fresh and welcoming, but it also protects you and those around you from allergens and harmful bacteria. Here at ECS, we offer cleaning services including office cleaning in London and the surrounding areas in order to help you protect those that you work with.

Treating your office to a deep cleaning of its surfaces and flooring can make all the difference to your work environment and air quality, reducing sick days amongst staff and improving morale. Cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and giving your surfaces a quick wipe can solve your cleaning problems in the short term. However, sometimes it takes a fully trained office cleaning company armed with janitorial supplies and industry-standard equipment to do the job.

ECS commercial cleaning are cleaning operatives based in London and are servicing the surrounding areas. Our experienced team is on hand to help you with all your cleaning needs, such as surface and carpet cleaning, ensuring the safety of you and your staff. Read our article below to find out the main health hazards of an unclean office.

Viruses and Microbes

One of the quickest ways to spread germs is by touching surfaces and keeping those particular exteriors unclean. If the recent Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how important keeping our hands and workspaces as clean as possible is when trying to look after those around us.

When it’s flu season, you may find that more and more staff call in sick to work. This is due to the close proximity of work staff, but also due to surfaces in communal areas being constantly touched, such as taps and kettles. As well as the common cold and stomach bugs being spread, your staff may also be exposed to more harmful bacteria such as salmonella or e-coli. Although disinfecting these areas yourself can get the job done quickly, a professional deep clean can provide that extra layer of safety.

Here at ECS commercial cleaning services in London, we utilise top quality cleaning products to ensure that your surfaces are as clean as possible, ridding your space of bacteria and allergens. Dirt and dust can get clogged in the fibres of your carpet, so treating it to a deep cleaning every now and again can keep it fresh and healthy for longer.


It’s pretty rare to find a workplace so dirty that mould has begun to develop, but it’s a genuine risk nonetheless. Some mould can be hidden in places we don’t usually venture, so it usually goes unnoticed. Mould is a serious cause for concern and should be dealt with accordingly.

An easy way to identify the presence of mould is by an illness called “sick building syndrome.” If a number of employees have symptoms such as nausea, skin irritation or dizziness, then there may be mould in your workplace. Mould is present in areas with high moisture, so check your kitchens and toilets for evidence.

Here at ECS office cleaning in London, we have the equipment and products necessary to tackle mould and other irritants that appear because of an unclean office. Our team are fully trained to handle all types of mould and bacteria build-up, so you don’t have to put yourself at risk by handling it yourself.

High Traffic Areas

By ‘high traffic areas,’ we mean places and surfaces in your office that get the most human interaction. Light switches, kitchen surfaces and toilets are all places frequently used and touched by people in the office, so it’s important to pay particular attention to these areas when cleaning. Leaving them unattended can cause bacteria to build up and make others sick.

Also, your flooring can be one of the main culprits of bacteria and microbe spreading, as dirt can be tracked in from outside and will fester on the surface and in the fibres of your carpet. Although a quick vacuum every now and again might be ideal in the short term, treating your floors to a professional deep clean can get those microbes out and can even improve the air quality of your office.

ECS commercial cleaning can work at a time suitable for you to give your office a top-to-bottom clean, making sure that it is clean and hygienic for when staff return. We can operate outside of office hours to ensure that we aren’t disturbing you, and we offer bespoke cleaning services if there’s any particular area or service that you don’t want provided.

Benefits of a Clean Office

It goes without saying that keeping your office clean comes with many health benefits to you, your staff and your clients who may visit your office. A clean office can vastly improve the air quality, therefore leading to a more environmentally friendly workspace and healthier staff. This in turn leads to increased productivity, as staff feel well enough to work at their very best, benefitting your business.

When staff are fit and healthy, it can lead to less sick days, meaning it’s always worth calling up your local office cleaning service to help the health of your staff. Here at ECS office cleaning in London, we care deeply about the wellness of our clients and their staff, so your safety is our top priority. We will provide a bespoke, optimal service to ensure that your workspace is as safe as possible.

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