Keeping Your Office Covid Secure

Keeping Your Office Covid Secure

During these unprecedented times that we find ourselves in, it’s never been more important to keep clean, safe and to wash your hands. As most office workspaces prepare for the return of their staff by loading up on hand sanitizer and disinfection products, it’s important to keep other precautions in place. There are new measures to follow when it comes to coronavirus cleaning in order to keep you and your staff as safe as possible.

Here at ECS Commercial Cleaning, we know how important the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and spaces is at all times, not just during global pandemics. We have proactively implemented stricter hygiene standards to ensure that you and your staff are fully protected. Our office cleaning services can be carried out at a time best suited to your timetable, and our high standards and fully trained staff are dedicated to your health and safety.

Read our article below to see how you can keep your office healthy and sanitised today.

Regularly Disinfect Surfaces

If you have areas in your office that are frequently handled, such as desks, kettles or taps, then it’s worth wiping them down as much as possible. Viruses and microbes are easily passed on through touching surfaces, so regularly disinfecting and sanitising your surfaces and hands can lower the risk of illness significantly.

When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you can be sure that your space is being cleaned to the highest of standards. Some companies have specialist focuses, such as carpets, whereas others tackle all areas including surfaces and window cleaning. Here at ECS Commercial Cleaning, our experienced staff can clean and sanitise your entire office from top to bottom using the best industrial cleaning equipment on offer. We have invested in top-of-the-range Covid-19 equipment dedicated to ridding your office of microbes and bacteria.

Keep Organised

In order to stop staff from moving about too much, try to keep everything as organised as possible to reduce traffic around the office. If stationary and other objects are all in the right place, it decreases your staff’s need to journey away from their desk as much. Also, try to keep people away from each during work hours to improve social distancing.

Also, good organisation can make it easier for office and commercial cleaning companies like us here at ECS to do an effective job. We will only clean and touch rooms and surfaces that you suggest, and will leave your space as safe and secure as possible. Our coronavirus cleaning services follow government procedure and guidelines, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your staff will be safe when they return.

Clean Your Floor

Although your hands don’t touch the floor, your shoes can track in dirt and mud, which can become embedded in your flooring, particularly carpets. A build-up of allergens and dirt within carpets can reduce the air quality in your office and can increase sick days. Keeping your carpet and flooring as clean as possible is necessary in ensuring the safety of yourself and your staff.

Here at ECS Commercial Cleaning, we offer a thorough, high quality carpet clean always keeping the health and care of you and your staff in mind. Our fully trained staff can operate industry-standard equipment to ensure that your carpets are good as new. Investing in a professional commercial cleaning service for your surfaces and flooring can increase productivity within your office, and can even reduce sick days.

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