Different Areas of Professional Cleaning

Different Areas of Professional Cleaning

Whenever you hire a reputable deep cleaning company to thoroughly sanitise and tend to a space, they are known as a professional cleaning service. These experienced businesses tackle working environments and home cleaning alike, and work to perform a high quality clean of whatever area they specialise in. Whether it be surface, full-scale or carpet cleaning, professional cleaners are the optimal choice if you want the job done right.

Here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, we offer a full range of professional services including office cleaning, hospital sanitisation and even Covid-19 specialised cleaning during these unprecedented times. Our cleaning operatives are fully trained to use industry-standard equipment, ensuring you are provided with a high-quality service you can trust. Want to know more about the different areas of professional cleaning services? Read our article below.


Commercial cleaners service buildings and properties that operate to generate profit. For instance, a commercial building could be a restaurant, school or even a hotel. Hiring a professional cleaning company to undertake deep cleans of properties such as these are the best choice for keeping your space as clean and sanitary as possible. Buildings that welcome members of the public daily have a reputation to uphold, and its cleanliness and presentation is incredibly important.

Our commercial cleaning services in London can be the perfect choice for your professional space, as our experience in hospitality and industry cleaning makes us a reliable company to invest in. We can provide a bespoke service dedicated to your needs and preferences, including window cleaning, surface maintenance and rubbish disposal.


Life can get incredibly hectic sometimes. That’s why it can be hard to give your home the proper deep cleaning it deserves. Hiring a professional cleaning service can not only save you time to do more important tasks, but can leave your home feeling incredibly fresh and healthy. From upholstery cleaning to carpet maintenance, domestic cleaning services will respect your privacy and only clean where instructed.

Relying on a professional cleaning service to service your home can be a tricky decision to make. Your home is your sanctuary, and allowing strangers in can be daunting. However, here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, we respect each of our client’s wishes and preferences, and will only clean where instructed. We are able to work at a time convenient for you, and our environmentally friendly products won’t damage your air quality.


Certain areas and workspaces take a specialist type of cleaning to ensure that they’re as safe as possible. Professional cleaning services usually have specialist areas, such as hospital or washroom cleaning. Spaces such as these need a special kind of cleaning due to the amount of germs and bacteria that can grow there, and you need them to be as clean as possible to be efficient.

It’s crucial that the deep cleanings of these spaces are carried out effectively, so it’s always worth investing in a professional cleaning service to get the job done accurately. Our specialist cleaning services here at ECS commercial cleaning are trained to operate in workspaces such as hospitals, GP’s surgeries and washrooms. Our electrostatic deep clean machines can kill viruses such as cold and flu, ensuring the safety of patients, staff and the general public alike.

Covid 19

The sentiment of keeping clean and safe has never been more important than in the year 2020. Keeping spaces as clean as possible to protect others is a major priority at the moment, and this is being implemented through daily office cleaning and hand sanitising. However, it can be easy to miss out on some steps, and safety isn’t guaranteed.

Hiring a professional cleaning service, such as an office cleaning company or specialist cleaners, can be incredibly cost-effective and will prioritise safety. Services are equipped with the industry-standard equipment and products necessary to ensure a deep, hygienic clean. Here at ECS commercial cleaning, we are closely following government guidelines and are constantly working to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

ECS provides commercial cleaning in London and the surrounding areas. We are fully trained and qualified to clean most workspaces and areas, and we always ensure that we perform a thorough job that you can rely on. To enquire further about our services, please fill out our online form here.

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