How to Tell if a Cleaning Company is the Right One for You

How to Tell if a Cleaning Company is the Right One for You

Although conducting a spring clean can be conducted solo every now and again, it’s important to consider a professional cleaning company if you want a deep clean performed to a high standard. With so many deep cleaning services to choose from, it can be hard to find the most highly recommended one for you. Different companies offer different services, so it’s crucial that you do your research. Here at ECS Commercial Cleaning, we provide deep cleaning in London and the surrounding areas, serving a range of different establishments and spaces. From residential and office cleaning to hospital and commercial, our fully trained team strives to provide you with the safest and hygienic personal and working environment possible.

If you’re wondering what to look out for when considering hiring a commercial or office cleaning company, then read our article below.


When entrusting your space in the care of someone else, you want it looked after by someone you can trust. A cleaning company with all the relevant training, certifications and checks proves to the customer that they’re a reliable, trustworthy company who you can do business with. The best way to find this information out is by visiting their website or speaking to them directly.

Most cleaning companies will also have before and after cleaning pictures on their website or social media, showing potential customers what level of service to expect. Companies who always do a great job like to show off their results, so always make sure you can find some shots somewhere. Here at ECS Commercial Cleaning, we are proud to be certified specialists in recognised fields, such as quality standards, environmental systems and health and safety management. Our highly trained and experienced staff that conduct commercial cleaning in London are fully equipped with the necessary equipment to provide you with the best clean possible.


Some individuals and organisations require a commercial cleaning company to perform a deep clean of all surfaces. This ensures the safety of all people sharing the space and can leave your surroundings feeling cleaner and more hygienic. However, some people only require certain services when it comes to cleaning, so if you only want your windows or carpet cleaning, make sure the cleaning company you’re considering carries out specific cleans.

You don’t want to fall victim and pay full price when you only want a particular service, so make sure you do your research before fully committing. Most cleaning companies are extremely clear about the services they provide, so make sure that you’re as clear as possible when making an inquiry. Here at ECS Commercial Cleaning, you can find all of our high quality services on our website, and we can conduct full scale deep cleaning in London and the surrounding areas. We can even conduct small scale cleans, such as carpets and garbage disposal.

Also, if you require a full scale clean, but would like us to avoid certain rooms or areas, then we can provide a bespoke service dedicated to your needs and preferences. We have the relevant equipment and cleaning products suitable for conducting the highest quality of cleans.

Operating Times

It’s no secret that different organisations and businesses work at different times during the day and night. When a deep clean is required, you normally want it conducted during the hours that you aren’t at work to minimise disruptions. Therefore, you need to seek out a cleaning company that is willing to put the time into your space.

A cleaning company who is dedicated to operating around your schedule shows integrity and a passion for keeping you and your space safe and clean. Also, look for companies who can work to tight time constraints and who are willing to accommodate your budget and space size.

Here at ECS Commercial Cleaning, we can work at a time suitable to you, and can even work around the budget you had in mind. Providing deep cleaning in London and the surrounding areas, we can conduct a high quality clean in the time given, and will leave your space feeling fresh, clean and safe for longer. Do find out more about our accredited services, and how we can best serve you, please get in touch with us here.

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