Covid-19: Keeping Your Staff Safe

Covid-19: Keeping Your Staff Safe

As we enter yet another lockdown here in the UK, more and more people find themselves working remotely once again. However, for key workers, that’s simply not the case. Hospital staff, delivery drivers and postal workers are just some of the occupations still carrying on as normal during this unusual working environment. Whilst working, their health and safety must be a priority. Therefore, ECS commercial cleaning in London is dedicated to providing a cost effective, thorough deep clean to a high standard.

Our deep cleaning services provide a rigorous, safe cleansing ritual, focusing on all areas which may be the most hazardous and bacteria-filled. With services including hospital and GP surgery cleaning to the sanitisation of communal areas, our staff are highly trained and experienced in dealing with cleaning to the highest standard during these difficult times.

Read our article below to discover ways to keep your key workers as safe as possible.

Frequently Clean High Traffic Surfaces

In all work environments, there are areas that receive more human contact than anywhere else. Door handles, taps and kettles are all objects and appliances that receive the most interaction. Therefore, it’s incredibly crucial to focus on these particular areas when conducting a routine clean. During the pandemic, it’s never been more important to keep ourselves and those around us as safe as possible, so taking some extra time to clean communal areas and door handles goes a long way.

Use disinfectants with coronavirus-fighting properties to ensure that the virus is being dealt with effectively. Our cleaning operatives here at ECS commercial cleaning use environmentally friendly equipment and cleaning products to ensure that your space is as safe as possible. We know how time consuming a dedicated deep clean can be, so when we conduct our office cleaning in London, we can take on the burden for you, and we will always conduct a professional and thorough job with any space our clients assign to us.

Clean Carpets and Open Windows

An often overlooked surface to clean when it comes to eliminating germs and bacteria is our flooring. Carpet cleaning is essential in keeping the air quality of our spaces fresh and healthy, as harmful microbes and allergens can bury themselves deep within the fibres. When your carpets are being walked across, these microbes are being kicked up into the room, resulting in possible illness.

To fully give your carpets the treatment they deserve, by hiring a commercial or office cleaning company, you can be assured that only the best equipment and products are being utilised. Here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, we always ensure that our clients’ safety is our top priority, and our fully-qualified cleaners are on hand to treat your carpets and surfaces to the best service possible. We provide a bespoke service depending on your workspace, and can work at a time suitable for you.

Also, following Government advice, make sure that your space is filtered by using an air purifier or by opening some windows. This allows the virus to circulate out of the room, keeping you and your staff safe.

Stock Up on High Quality Supplies

Giving your surfaces a once-over with a wipe may not rid your space of as much bacteria as it probably could. Using strong disinfectants and highly recommended cleaning products are the key to ensuring the safety of your staff, and reducing the spread of coronavirus. If you work in a hospital or surgery, keeping communal surfaces clean is essential to the safety of not just staff, but patients too.

If you want to make sure your work environment is as safe as possible, it’s probably worth seeking out a commercial cleaning company to assist with a thorough deep clean. Here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, we operate in a range of different key worker industries, such as hospitals and GP’s surgeries. We constantly work to ensure the safety of our clients, and use industry standard equipment to get to the places standard equipment can’t reach. We also provide all kinds of commercial businesses with consumable supply, so you can clean your space in your own time with the best equipment out there.

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