What is Specialist Cleaning?

What is Specialist Cleaning?

In the world of professional, commercial cleaning, each company operates in different ways. Some just provide services to commercial spaces, such as working environments like offices, to facilities such as schools and hotels. Others have specific areas of focus, such as upholstery and carpet cleaning. Here at ECS, a commercial cleaning company in London, we offer these services to all of our clients, including sanitation and specialist cleaning.

‘Specialist cleaning’ refers to a cleansing service performed on spaces that need a specific type of care. Certain equipment and cleaning products need to be utilised on these spaces, which include care homes and hospitals. Only the most effective deep clean will do for these uniquely important areas, and ECS are fully qualified and trained to perform specialist cleaning in London and the surrounding areas. Our professional cleaning team can operate industry-standard equipment to ensure that your specialist space is healthy, sanitised and ready for use.

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Different ‘Specialist’ Spaces

There are a range of different facilities and buildings that are classed as ‘specialist,’ all of which need certain methods and cleaning products to be implemented. Usually, these spaces are healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, GP surgeries, vets and care homes. Cleaning operatives are fully equipped with the correct machines, products and personal protective equipment (PPE) in order to carry out a full-scale deep clean.

ECS commercial cleaning perform deep cleaning in London and the surrounding areas, with services including specialist cleaning. Our fully trained staff provide a first class service to all of our clients, and can perform a full scale sanitisation of all healthcare facilities. Our clients’ safety is our top priority, so we always work to ensure that your space is as clean and sanitised as possible. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s never been as crucial to keep all spaces as healthy and clean as possible. Our hospitals and GP surgeries need to be an optimally safe pace for both staff and patients. Therefore, when hiring a contract cleaning service, you need to ensure that their equipment is being operated to the highest standard.

Here at ECS, a commercial cleaning company in London, we offer a deep cleaning service known as an ‘electrostatic deep clean.’ Our spray machines are programmed to kill microbes and bacteria in two minutes or less, with cross contamination almost completely eliminated. The products used are environmentally friendly, and will not cause damage to any surrounding machines. In such uncertain times, it’s important to invest in the best equipment and cleaning teams available, so make sure you do your research before hiring.

Our commercial cleaning services in London can perform a range of specialist cleaning, including office and house cleaning.

Why is it so Important?

Keeping any space is important to the health and safety of all individuals sharing that particular space. Any area that is communal opens itself up to viruses and bacteria being spread from person to person. In specialist facilities, such as hospitals and care homes, keeping microbes and other sinister bacteria at bay is incredibly important to keep vulnerable people safe.

Furthermore, frontline staff are already at risk of contracting infections from patients, so reducing one risk from occurring keeps them protected from any germs from the general public. By using specialist equipment and cleaning products, it enables deep cleaning companies to keep all staff, patients and members of the public safe from harmful bacteria and microbes, which in turn reduces the stress put upon the NHS and care staff.

Here at ECS, we are proud that our commercial cleaning company in London meet all the criteria and have the necessary accreditations to perform a job to the highest of standards. We understand the importance of deep cleaning and sanitisation, and we can provide bespoke services to suit all of client’s need’s and health.

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