What Is Included with a Professional Cleaning Service?

What Is Included with a Professional Cleaning Service?

If you own a business property or commercial establishment, its important that you keep it as clean as possible. A hygienic environment keeps both staff and clients safe, and sets a good example and reputation for the business. A large building or work environment can benefit greatly from being cleansed by a professional cleaning service. Regular, high standard deep cleaning keeps harmful bacteria and allergens at bay, and experienced cleaning operatives can identify problem areas to provide the safest clean possible.

Here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, our staff are fully trained and equipped with the necessary equipment needed to provide you with an optimal service. From full scale office cleaning services to domestic cleans and sanitisation, we can operate at times best suited to your schedule and needs. We can provide all of the essential products and equipment needed to full service your space and leave it feeling hygienic and safe.

Read our article below to discover exactly what you pay for when you hire a professional, contract cleaning service.


It might be a given fact, but when you hire a professional cleaning service, you can be safe in the knowledge that they will be operating only the best equipment. Industry standard machines and tools, when held in experienced company, are designed to clean spaces to the highest of standards, and they are all included in your price. For instance, if you need your carpet cleaning, specialised machines can get deep within the fibres, unlike a regular vacuum. This prevents allergens from being kicked up into the air and making staff sick.

Here at ECS, we offer commercial cleaning services in London and the surrounding areas. Specialising in sanitising spaces such as hotels, offices and hospitals, our equipment is designed to keep your environment as safe as possible. Our electrostatic deep clean machines are specially designed to kill viruses such as the flu in two minutes or less, and the droplets omitted from the machines wont damage surrounding products.


As well as using machines for carpets and sanitisation, surface cleaning products utilised by professional cleaning services are guaranteed to provide you with the most optimal finish. Also, you don’t have to worry about providing the products yourself, as the cleaning service that you hire will have them to hand. With office cleaning companies, they understand how contaminated high traffic areas (such as door handles and taps) can become. Therefore, special attention is paid to these areas to ensure your staff and clients’ safety.

As well as providing reputable commercial cleaning in London and the surrounding areas, ECS also provides cleaning products, soap dispensers and equipment such as mops and buckets to commercial properties. Although you’ll be receiving a highly recommended, regular deep clean, you can also use these industry-standard products to prepare yourself for unexpected accidents.


The staff employed by professional cleaning services are the best in the business. They usually undergo extensive training and receive reputable qualifications to ensure that their clients are receiving the best service possible. Although undertaking cleaning tasks yourself can seem like the cheapest, most hassle-free option, allowing fully-trained cleaning operatives to look after your space can ensure the safety of you and your staff.

Our staff here at ECS are Care Quality Commission (CQC) trained and ready to clean and sanitise a range of commercial spaces. From the intricate sanitisation of hospital and GP surgeries to the full scale clean of hotels and educational facilities, our staff know how to provide our clients with the most optimal clean for their space. Hiring a professional cleaning service can not only save you time and money in the long run, but is the best choice for keeping your staff, clients and customers safe when they visit your establishment.

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