Hiring a Cleaning Company Vs. DIY Cleaning

Hiring a Cleaning Company Vs. DIY Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your working environment or office, conducting the job yourself seems like the most desirable option. It appears like less of a hassle, the cheaper option and something you can conduct as you go. Whilst all of these reasons can be true, it’s not necessarily the best choice for a high standard, professional clean. You want your workspace to give a good impression to potential and existing clients, and commercial cleaning services might be the best choice.

A pristine, sanitised office can improve the health of you and your staff, as well as customers and clients. Deep cleaning services perform tasks to the highest of standards, using industry-standard equipment and cleaning products. With services including professional office cleaning and the sanitisation of commercial spaces, ECS perform cleaning tasks with your staff and office health in mind. Our fully qualified staff are able to work around your schedule, and our commercial and office cleaning in London comes highly recommended.

Read our article below to see why you should hire a professional cleaning service today.



Many people think that hiring a cleaning company can cost more money than cleaning yourself. If you use low standard cleaning products and equipment, then this is true. However, if you want the clean to do its job and rid your working environment of harmful microbes and bacteria, then hiring a company for its commercial cleaning services is your best option. Also, constantly funding cleaning products can mount up, whereas cleaning companies are already in possession of the best out there. By using environmentally friendly equipment and products, contract cleaning services can provide a high quality sanitisation that can last.

Most commercial cleaning services will give you a quote depending on the size of your space, and whether you want any bespoke services, such as a more thorough carpet clean than usual. Others may charge hourly, and when taken on as a permanent client, may even offer discounts. Here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, we can fit prices suited to your budget and space, and will always be upfront at all times. 



It’s no secret that, if you clean your working environment yourself, you won’t be getting the best, most thorough clean possible. Also, you should be focusing on your job, as constantly cleaning communal areas can take away from your priorities. Leaving staff to sanitise after themselves might result in a rushed job, and might not protect others from harmful microbes and bacteria.

When hiring the skills of a commercial cleaning services, you know you’re putting your trust into fully qualified cleaners who know how to perform a high standard job. Cleaning operatives know exactly what to look for and how to eradicate dirt and bacteria, meaning you can relax and return to a cleaner, safer working environment.



It’s always handy to have cleaning products and regular equipment lying around your workspace. You should treat your office like your home, and clean it whenever it starts to get messy. Having anti bacterial hand wash and spray, as well as a hoover and a dustpan, are standard when keeping your office clean and tidy. However, they won’t perform the best job, and you and your staff deserve to be as safe as possible when at work.

Commercial cleaning services are equipped with the best tools in the industry, dedicated to catering to your space and leaving it healthier and safer. Here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, we utilise electrostatic deep cleaning machines to eradicate viruses in two minutes or less. What’s more, is that the chemicals from the machines won’t cause harm or damage to surfaces and objects around them.

If you’re looking for a deep clean, whether that be for commercial, office or domestic cleaning, we’re here to help. Based in London, we can perform a deep, thorough clean you can be proud of. To find out more, or to receive a quote, please fill out our online form here.

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