What is Electrostatic Cleaning?

What is Electrostatic Cleaning?

During these unprecedented times that we find ourselves in, it’s never been more important to keep as clean and sanitised as possible. When hiring a commercial or office cleaning company, it’s essential that they have the equipment and products necessary to fight off harmful microbes and bacteria. Working environments need a deep cleaning every now and again to maintain high standards and keep away harmful bacteria. As a professional cleaning service in London, we’re here to keep you, your home or your workplace safe.

Here at ECS commercial cleaning, we use electrostatic deep clean machines to ensure that your space is as safe and healthy as possible. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment to sanitise your workplace, and always maintain a punctual and thorough approach to our cleaning in London. Read our article below to find out more about electrostatic deep clean machines.


Main Uses

Electrostatic deep clean machines are used on all kinds of surfaces to kill viruses in two minutes or less. They spray contains disinfectant full of positively charged particles, meaning they cling to surfaces in order to fully sanitise your space. Despite its aggressive title, the machines are perfectly safe and won’t damage surrounding electrical objects. They’re the absolute best choice for surface and upholstery cleaning, especially when exterminating germs and bacteria.

The spray is even able to tackle hard-to-reach areas, and can §soak into the fibres of your carpet, cleaning and disinfecting it. Through their complete coverage of surfaces, they are able to tackle microbes incredibly thoroughly, making them the best choice during this pandemic. Our cleaning operatives here at ECS commercial cleaning in London are fully trained and qualified to operate these deep clean machines, and can provide your space with a fresh new feel. You can read more about all the different kinds of professional spaces we clean here.



Electrostatic machines have been regularly cleaning multiple types of surfaces since their creation. Their easy-to-operate nozzles mean they can be aimed and sprayed in all directions, allowing them to reach all surfaces in your workspace. Whether you’re wanting to tackle desks, walls, windows or carpets, electrostatic deep clean machines can cover these areas. Their disinfectant solution spreads across all surfaces, killing harmful bacteria and microbes in the process.

You won’t need to worry about the chemicals in these machines damaging surrounding objects. Amenities such as computers and phones will be fine during a deep clean, as long as the machines are not used in close range around them. Also, try to remove any paper from the room to avoid it getting ruined by the moisture. Here at ECS commercial cleaning, our contract cleaning services are on hand to sanitise and clean any space for a bespoke price. We also operate as an office cleaning company, allowing us to attend to your workspace out of hours to avoid disturbances.



There are plenty of benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service with access to electrostatic deep cleaning machines. Their biggest asset is their ability to disinfect large spaces in a short amount of time, and they still performs an optimal job in eradicating microbes and bacteria. Their spray means they can cover areas 50% faster than the conventional method of hand wiping. They also improve the health of your staff, reducing sick days. The decreased spread of viruses such as flu means you are protecting public health, as well as your own.

What’s more, is that you’re getting what you pay for, and aren’t wasting any chemicals that could be utilised in the future. Electrostatic machines allow for a more efficient, controlled clean, as the disinfectant is being distributed accurately, decreasing overuse. For desks, flooring and walls, electrostatic deep cleaning is the absolute best option. It’s an all purpose cleaner, meaning it can cover high traffic surfaces and hard-to-reach areas in half the time.

Our staff here at ECS commercial cleaning can assist you with all of your sanitation and cleaning needs, and are able to work at a time most convenient for you. Your health and safety is our top priority, and we will always adhere to Government guidelines to protect you, our staff and yours. To inquire further, or to book with us, please fill out our online form here. You can find out more about our specialised Covid-19 cleaning here.

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