Office Cleaning; What You Need to Consider

Office Cleaning; What You Need to Consider

When your staff return to the office in (hopefully) a few months time, you need to make sure that their health and safety is a priority. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to keep our hands and surfaces clean to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. Although you have the ability to perform a spring clean yourself with the right cleaning solutions, products and equipment, it’s still worth seeking out the help of an office cleaning service.

Here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, we provide bespoke professional cleaning services to workspaces and domestic properties, completed to a high standard. Our deep cleaning service can get to the spaces you can’t reach, and will leave your space and its surrounding areas spotless. Our staff are fully trained and qualified to handle industry standard equipment to provide you with a clean to be proud of. Read our article below to discover what you need to consider before giving your office a clean.


Floors Are Just as Important as Surfaces

When it comes to a high quality clean of your workspace, most people pay particular attention to surfaces such as desks and kitchen worktops. However, pesky microbes and bacteria can store away in your flooring, especially if it isn’t given the clean it deserves. If you have a carpet, the fibres can become clogged up with allergens and microbes, so make sure it’s given a thorough clean regularly.

Here at ECS commercial cleaning, we provide deep cleaning in London and the surrounding areas. Performing a great job from top to bottom, our commercial cleaning services utilise on the best products to give your office that clean shine. We cater to all kinds of commercial properties, from hotels and restaurants to hospitals and GP’s surgeries. We can perform an office clean at hours best suited to you to avoid disturbances.


Focus on “High Traffic Areas”

When we speak of “high traffic” areas, we mean surfaces that regularly come into contact with your touch. These areas usually involve door handles, communally handled appliances such as kettles and taps, and computer keyboards. These particular areas need extra care and attention when being cleaned, and need to be serviced much more regularly than other surfaces. To lower the spread of disease and illness, ensure there are hand sanitisers readily available. 

Here at ECS, our cleaning company has access to electrostatic deep cleaning machines, which release a thin mist of disinfectant that can kill viruses in 2 minutes or less. They can reach places regular cleaning methods can’t, and are the perfect choice for keeping illnesses at bay. Our office cleaning service is tailored to your space, giving you a bespoke finish as we focus on the spaces that matter to you.


Consider Staff Health and Allergies

In order to keep your staff as healthy as possible, and reduce sick days, you need to keep your office optimally clean. This can help stop harmful microbes making their way into the system, and reduces feelings of ill health. If you have a carpet, allergens can settle into the fibres and be dispersed when walked across. This is particularly harmful for those with breathing conditions such as asthma, as it can cause irritation.

Although a quick vacuum may keep the surfaces clean, a deep clean into the fibres can leave your carpets looking good as new, and keeps it more durable for longer. Here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, our office cleaning service has the equipment and products needed to ensure you have the most optimal clean possible. Deep cleaning services can be the absolute best choice for your space, and can benefit the health of you and your staff.

If you would like more information on how our deep cleaning services in London can help you, please get in touch today by filling out our online form here.

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