Are you carrying out office cleaning correctly?

Are you carrying out office cleaning correctly?

First impressions count, which is why London office cleaning matters

As you will likely be aware, first impressions count in the world of business; but many would say “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Unfortunately, while this may make for an inspiring comment, this does not hold up, particularly when it comes to office cleaning. For example, when meeting someone for the first time, we will quite often decide on how we feel about someone based entirely on their behaviour be it good or bad.  The same can be said for businesses. Despite offering the best services or products on the market, if your commercial premises is in a poor state in terms of cleanliness, then those visiting you for the first time are likely making an immediate judgment about your business, it’s services and even the people working for your business, including the board of directors.

Where are germs lurking in your London office environment?

Aside from the dilemma of creating a sparkling first impression, let’s also look at the hygiene elements tackled by an effective office cleaning regime. It is an accepted fact that as business owners in current times, we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to our office cleaning routines, particularly when the risk of infection from Covid-19 still poses a very real threat to people’s health. Due to this, it is important to be sure that no surface is left untreated. Let’s look at a few key areas that need to be focused on when the risk of infection is concerned.

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Cleaning of employee cubicles and workstations

Due to the amount of activity that an employee’s desk or work area is likely to undergo on a daily or weekly basis, these areas can become messy and harbour germs very quickly. When cleaning a desk for example, it is important to move all desk items including paperwork and stationary to ensure that the work area can be wiped down and sanitised in it’s entirety. ECS commercial cleaning would recommend sending a memo to all office based staff members (or printing a notice) asking them politely to ensure that their desks are left tidy and debris-free at the end of their work shift.

Cleaning break rooms

Break rooms can be one of the worst places that germs harbour within an office environment. Areas such as tables, chairs and kitchen surfaces are touched frequently throughout the day, thus increasing the change if germs spreading. All surfaces, including kitchens fittings and fixings such as sinks, taps and cupboard handles, must be cleaned on a regular basis with the appropriate cleaning materials. ECS commercial cleaning would recommend that these areas are treated with sanitation products to ensure that all germs have been dealt with effectively. In addition, ensure that floors are swept and mopped regularly.

Cleaning reception and entrance areas

Office cleaning does not stop at the office cubical. Ensure that all entrances and reception areas are kept free from debris, dust and germs. As stated at the top of this blog, this will also make for a great first impression as your entrances and reception areas will likely be the first places that your visitors see. These areas can also be some of the worst culprits for harbouring germs due to the footfall passing through these areas. A disinfection routine should be made a priority. Surfaces such as reception counters, coffee tables and chairs will be touched frequently by your visitors. In addition, ensure that a regular window cleaning routine is upheld. Remember, upon approach, the exterior of your building is likely the first thing that your visitors will see.

Cleaning conference areas

Conference rooms, although they might not see the same footfall per week as other areas of a commercial premises do, are known to host a lot of people at any one time when used for a meeting or conference. Quite often, beverages and food will also be supplied, which can leave surfaces with food debris and stains. It is recommended that conference rooms are fully cleaned immediately after use, thus ensuring that germs do not harbour and spread through surfaces. As previously recommended for other areas, ensure that the appropriate sanitisation products are used on all surfaces, aalong with sweeping/mopping hard floors, and vacuuming carpeted areas.

While any business owner is free to manage their own office cleaning duties, we would recommend reading the BICSc “Standards & Best Practice”, which outlines crucial elements of the practice. This can be found on the following link: If you need assistance with your office cleaning London requirements, then feel free to get in touch and our dedicated, professional team of advisors will only be too pleased to offer guidance and supply you with a free, no-obligation quote. Click the following link:

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