Builders Sparkle Clean at UNISON Centre


Builders Sparkle Clean at UNISON Centre

At ECS, Every Customer is Special. But, there are some we feel honoured and proud to work with. Our dedicated Builders Cleaning team has recently worked with one such client. It’s a project that we are extremely proud of and couldn’t wait to share with our audience. Drum roll, please!

ECS has completed a cleaning project at UNISON Centre. And with that, we have added another feather in our cap.

A Little About UNISON Centre

UNISON Centre doesn’t need any introduction. But, for those who may not know, UNISON is the largest trade union in the UK, with more than 1.3 million members[1]. The association represents those working in the public services, whether they are employed in the public sector or private, and acts on their behalf to ensure the provision of their lawful rights.

The trade union campaigns and negotiate with employers for better working conditions and salaries for those working in the public service industry, along with providing a range of other services and assistance to its members. It also raises awareness about the issues people working in public services experience, both locally and internationally, and gathers support to highlight and resolve them.

UNISON’s primary goal is to help those employed in public services get their fair share of respect, recognition, and reward. The public service union fights for eliminating discrimination and promoting equality not just in the workspace but in society on the whole. And this is the underlying objective of UNISON in everything it does.

ECS carried out builders cleaning at UNISON centre
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Builders Cleaning at UNISON Centre

ECS was contacted by Princebuild, a family-run construction and property maintenance company in the UK, for professional cleaning of the UNISON’s site in Euston, London, where they had recently carried out some repair work and renovation.

We immediately sent a commercial cleaning expert to the UNISON Centre to examine the property, so we could create a customized plan that fully meets our client’s needs. After a quick but detailed inspection, our experts recommended Builders Sparkle Clean for the UNISON Centre building. The next morning, our best post-construction cleaning team was hard at work at the trade union’s office.

When we stepped into the UNISON Centre, the place was a mess, to say the least. But, when our builders’ cleaning team left the building after completing their work, every little corner of the property was squeaky clean and sparkly from floor to ceiling.

What is Sparkle Clean?

Sparkle Clean goes by several names in the commercial cleaning industry. Some refer to it as the handover clean, while others call it a deep construction clean. Some even refer to it as simply construction or builder clean. This can confuse many as to what exactly Sparkle Clean is and what it includes.

Sparkle Clean is actually a type of builders clean or post-construction cleaning that involves deep cleaning a recently constructed or renovated property and getting it ready for use.

What Does ECS Sparkle Clean Include?

At ECS, Sparkle Clean is a multi-step process designed to deep clean a newly constructed or renovated property, leaving it spotless and sparkling. It can broadly be divided into two stages:

I. Initial Clean

Our Builders Sparkle Cleaning Service starts with removing the garbage and clutter that builders leave behind and then cleaning up the dust from all surfaces.

II. Deep Clean

Also known as the Final Clean, this step of the Sparkle Clean differentiates it from other types of construction or commercial/residential cleaning services. As the name tells, it involves deep cleaning the property and getting it ready for occupancy.

The exact work needed to deep clean a property can vary from one project to another, depending on what construction or renovation work has been performed and the condition builders have left the site in.

 But, all in all, it’s about picking up the slack that builders have left behind and removing or fixing the cleaning-related defects or imperfections in the property. This may involve cleaning splatters of cement and paint from the walls and floors, grout and tile cleaning, vacuuming and mopping all surfaces, carpet cleaning, polishing and/or waxing wood flooring, cleaning all the glass surfaces including windows and mirrors, polishing stainless steel surfaces or equipment, and cleaning the exterior of the property through power washing.

At ECS, we customize this deep cleaning step for every client because we know that no two construction projects are the same. This is precisely why the very first step of our Builders Clean is to send a commercial cleaning expert to the site; just like we did in the UNISON Centre project.

This helps us determine what exact cleaning procedures a property needs to be spotlessly clean.

When Is a Sparkle Clean Required?

Sparkle Clean is essentially a type of post-construction cleaning service. However, you can also benefit from it after renovations, to get a property ready for inspection, before leasing a site, or to clean up at the end of a lease to get it ready for new tenants.

Contact ECS to Schedule a Sparkle Clean for Your Property

Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, or manager of a commercial property, a professional sparkle clean is what you need to get your property ready for use after construction, a major renovation project, or before leasing to a new tenant.

At ECS, we have some of the best professionally-trained and most experienced builders clean specialists in the UK who give detailed attention to every little corner of your property, leaving it perfectly clean and tidy.

Contact us now to avail fast, reliable, high-quality, customized professional sparkle cleaning services in the UK.

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