COVID-19 Cleaning


COVID-19 Cleaning

At ECS Commercial Cleaning here in London, we know how important health and safety is during these unprecedented times. The wellbeing of all our clients and staff is of great importance to us, so we’ve gone that extra mile to ensure that we are doing our part to help fight coronavirus.

After listening to Government and World Health Organisation advice, we have proactively undertaken and implemented stricter hygiene measures to ensure that whatever environment we clean, it is left safe, sanitary and organised. We are fully aware that a regular clean may not be enough to prevent Covid 19, so we offer a thorough, deep clean of all premises we cover to help you protect your staff and customers.

What we supply

We provide an intense clean on all areas which receive a ‘high traffic’ of human contact, including:

  • Door and cupboard handles and push bars
  • Desks and tables
  • Keyboards, mice and screens
  • Headsets and telephones
  • Fridge, kettle, kitchen taps
  • Photocopier and printer
  • Light switches and pulls

As well as providing commercial cleaning services, we also provide consumable supplies to all our clients to ensure that they are following procedure and keeping safe themselves. These products include:

  • Wipes and cloths
  • Mops and buckets
  • Antibacterial and sanitisation products
  • Gloves
  • Plus many more

Our Deep Cleaning Process

As part of our deep cleaning services, we offer what is known as an ‘Electrostatic Deep Clean.’ Our Electrostatic spray machines are operated to kill viruses such as cold and flu in two minutes or less, with cross-contamination almost completely eliminated. Also, these droplets will also not cause damage to products surrounding the treated areas, such as computers or desks.

Using battery-operated, handheld sprayers our team use the machines to provide a positive electrostatic charge to liquid disinfectant droplets which are sprayed onto surfaces and items. This means the droplets of disinfectant are wrapped around items magnetically, giving a thoroughly disinfected clean in a very short amount of time.

If you require deep cleaning to help tackle and prevent coronavirus, please get in touch with us by calling 0161 5462235. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.

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