Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning


Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

It could be argued that the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic has permanently altered people’s attitudes towards the subject of health and hygiene, albeit within a working environment or during the partaking of social activities. One such area of focus is commercial kitchen deep cleaning. Subject to this realisation, it could be considered crucial to hire the services of a professional cleaning company who will employ the use of appropriate technologies and cleaning products required to deal with commercial kitchen deep cleaning appropriately..  

Ensuring that your commercial kitchen is kept clean and sparkling while running a food and beverage business can seem like an impossible task. This is also true of business that run commercial canteens for their staff. Hygiene standards within commercial kitchens are very high and a challenge for an internal cleaner to maintain. As a result, you must comply with numerous cleaning standards, rules and regulations in order to:

  1. Prevent the transfer of disease.
  2. Assure the health and welfare of customers or staff.
  3. Protect your company’s brand.

Subject to the above points raised, it is vital that commercial kitchens and service areas are kept safe, clean, and sanitary for staff, visitors, and customers. To achieve this, ECS Commercial Cleaning recommend that you hire a cleaning company.

Commercial kitchen deep cleaning – what is it?

A kitchen deep clean, primarily undertaken in commercial kitchens and dining rooms, is a professional standard that goes above and beyond regular cleaning activities. Cleanliness and kitchen hygiene are inextricably linked, and it is argued that your commercial kitchen must adhere to a high standard of cleanliness at all times.

The commercial kitchen deep cleaning process is considered essential for keeping employees, visitors, and customers safe by ensuring that all environments remain clean and sanitary. During the process, surfaces are descaled, degreased, and carbon deposits are removed. Commercial-grade cleaning equipment and techniques are utilised throughout the cleaning process, incorporating eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals when possible.

The following items are commonly cleaned and sanitised during a commercial kitchen deep clean:

  1. Surfaces and counters
  2. Appliances and equipment
  3. Taps and sinks
  4. Storage areas.

commercial kitchen deep cleaning

5 Reasons to Clean Your Commercial Kitchen Thoroughly

Kitchen cleaning is an essential component of ensuring a healthy and sanitary atmosphere for customers and staff. The process should form a regular part of any hotel, bar, or restaurant’s cleaning routine.

At ECS, Commercial kitchen deep cleaning is considered one of our core services; we assist in the fight against dirt, grime, and germs for many leading food and beverage locations. Whether you want to get rid of bacteria and grime that may readily develop in kitchens or restore a disused kitchen to its former glory, our specialist cleaning team can assist with producing bespoke deep cleaning package.

Here are four reasons you should hire ECS to keep your kitchen spotless.

Ensure Exceptional cleanliness with commercial kitchen deep cleaning

While your kitchen staff may be appropriately trained to perform minor daily cleaning tasks, our specialised team can access areas that may prove more of a challenge. No project is too complex for us; some of the areas that we can access include canopies, extractor fans, filters, ovens, tiles, floors, grills, and all other types of industrial kitchen-related equipment.

Follow Health and safety regulation requirements

Every six months, it is recommended that every commercial kitchen undergo an intensive deep cleaning process. Our specialist cleaning team employ techniques and equipment required to steam clean locations that may be out of reach for your regular staff, thus providing a level of unrivalled hygiene for your commercial kitchen environment.

Keep customers and staff safe

In addition to the cleaning standards outlined by HSE, we advise customers we advise customers to hire commercial kitchen deep cleaning services at regular intervals to ensure the highest level of food hygiene and safety at all times. Deadly bacteria can form on any surface if not adequately controlled; this is a particular consideration to be made since the Covid-19 pandemic. By investing in professional deep cleaning services, you can be ensured of the safety and security of your customers and staff. For information on catering and hospitality cleaning requirements, visit this link:

Demonstrate that you care about your customers and staff

Cleaning your kitchen is an essential aspect of maintaining your company’s reputation. Every customer wants to be assured that they are eating or drinking within in a clean and safe environment. So if you think it’s about time that your commercial kitchen undergo a thorough deep clean utilising that latest technologies operated by highly trained personnel, then it’s time to give ECS a call.

To discover more about how ECS Commercial Cleaning can help your organisation, please click on the following link: or call us on 0333 174 0799.

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