Commercial Window Cleaning – Tips From ECS

Commercial Window Cleaning – Tips From ECS

For any business or organisation, commercial window cleaning should be made a priority, an essential part of the commercial cleaning regime.  A business that does ensure that their windows are left sparkling is likely to suffer the consequences. So why could dirty windows possibly be so damaging to a business? The reason is because it sets a poor first impression – something that is very important in a busy environment such as London and other major cities where potential clientele is constantly passing by your business premises. Let’s think about your customers for a moment, current and potential. In many cases, your organisations windows will be one of the first things those prospective customers see. This is particularly true of retail businesses. Clean windows reflect an organisation’s core values and can also directly influence a customer’s decision as to whether they believe the establishment to be clean and hygienic (this is particularly true of restaurants or other eating or drinking establishments). So in summary, clean, sparkling windows can affect your business in a variety of ways. That’s where ECS Commercial Cleaning can help. Visit out dedicated window cleaning services page for more information.

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Commercial Window Cleaning Guide

London Commercial Window Cleaning Tips

While many organisations would choose a professional organisation such as ECS to undertake window cleaning services, some companies will opt to undertake the procedure themselves. Let’s take a look at a few helpful tips to assist you with your window cleaning endeavours.

Get The Right Cleaning Equipment

Let’s consider the equipment that will be required to undertake window cleaning. While commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning is likely to require much the same equipment, it is important to consider investing in industrial grade equipment. To begin, you will require such items as a bucket, sponges, microfibre clothes, window squeegees, and possibly equipment to scrap off any excess dirt if required. Many people will use Ammonia to wash windows as it has been proven to be very effective, however it is important to consider that this can remove the tint from windows. However, there are other alternative products that can be used that are proven to be safe for all kinds of windows that include tints. Another important consideration to have relates to window signage – do your windows feature items such as vinyl signage? If so, it is important to conduct research into products that are safe to use on these types of windows. It is advisable to speak to the company that produced and installed your window signage as they are likely to be able to recommended window cleaning products that are safe to use.

cleaning contravision
Contravision cleaning

Many companies are now using a signage product called Contravision. You can find information in relation to the safe cleaning of their product directly on their website via the following link:

Choose The Appropriate Window Cleaning Supplies and Products

Are you in need of safe and eco-friendly cleaning supplies? ECS Commercial Cleaning can deal with your cleaning product requirements, serving London and the rest of the United Kingdom. Click the following link to view our dedicated cleaning supplies services page:

You may need to give your windows a scrape!

In the case where windows require the removal of stubborn marks such as those left by dead insects, bird dropping or even paint, we recommend employing the use of a scrapper. However, this should only be undertaken with due care as glass can scratch easily. While ensuring that the scrapper is positioned at the correct angle, gently agitate the dirt until it has been removed.

Clean your windows

To begin, fill your bucket to around halfway with cold water. Why not hot water you ask? The truth is hot water will evaporate too quickly. Add a few squirts of a detergent directly into the wet mop that you will be using to cleaning your windows. Run the mop over the windows, ensuring to give some areas a good rub to remove all stubborn marks. Now use your squeegee, start from the top and work in a downward motion, tilting the squeegee at 45 degree angles as your move down the window. Ensure that you apply a reasonable amount of pressure to the squeegee, but not too much. Lastly, was the squeegee with clean water and use the same technique to wash off all of the detergent.

Give your windows an extra touch up.

Once you have cleaned your windows, it is common to have to touch them up afterwards in order to remove any streaks or blemishes that may have been caused by the left-over water. ECS recommend using a dry microfiber cloth to finish off your windows and leave them in a sparkling condition.

If you would like to read more window cleaning tips, we recommend that you visit the following link:

To discover how ECS can assist your organisation with commercial window cleaning services, get in contact today. We also cater to the residential window cleaning market:

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