How to Get Rid of Dust and Allergens


How to Get Rid of Dust and Allergens

No matter the space., whether it be a working environment such as an office, your home, or a commercial space such as a hotel or educational facility; it needs to be as clean as possible. Areas that are frequently occupied by people get dirty much quicker than spaces that don’t, which can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria and microbes. Therefore, in order to keep everyone as safe as possible; it’s always worth turning to deep cleaning services to improve conditions.

If you’re looking to undertake a spring clean by performing tasks such as carpet cleaning and wipe-arounds; it can keep your space clean for a short period of time. However, this can be time-consuming; so investing in a deep clean is not only practical but can save you money too. Here at ECS commercial cleaning in London, we provide deep cleans to a range of professional spaces; including office cleaning services, commercial cleaning and maintenance. Our professional cleaning services are renowned for performing a high quality, great job; with our highly trained staff operating industry-standard equipment to provide the best service possible.

Are you considering hiring a contract cleaning service to perform an optimal deep clean? Read our article below.

It Keeps People Safe

If you’re a commercial workspace with staff and members of the public frequently passing through, then you need the surrounding areas within your building to be as clean and safe as possible. An unclean space can spread harmful microbes and bacteria, leading to more staff illnesses at a given time. If the latest Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need to keep as clean and safe as possible; not only to protect ourselves but to look after each other.

Here at ECS, we perform exemplary deep cleaning in London and the surrounding areas. Our cleaning operatives are fully qualified and trained to deal with all surfaces and areas, providing a bespoke service to spaces that need a little extra TLC. An office cleaning company as well as providing services to homes and commercial spaces; we aim to provide all of our clients with a healthy, deep clean they can be proud of.

It Leaves Your Space Healthier

Surfaces that have been left untreated for so long can sometimes be unsalvageable, and a space that hasn’t been routinely cleaned from top to bottom can be unpleasant to occupy. It can also build up a negative reputation for your commercial space; especially if it’s a potential client’s first calling point with your business. Deep cleaning services can leave your space feeling much fresher and healthier, providing your organisation with a clean image.

Carpets, in particular, are one of the main causes of feelings of bad health within an office space. They can kick up allergens and microbes into the air when walked across, leading to illnesses, especially in those with breathing difficulties. Here at ECS commercial cleaning, we provide deep cleaning services to all kinds of spaces; paying particular attention to bespoke areas, including carpets.

It Shows Commitment and Integrity

A business owner who is willing to put out all the stops for their clients and staff in order to protect their health makes an impact. Investing in a deep clean shows all those who enter your building that you have their best interests at heart, leading to a sense of loyalty and trust. Although you can conduct a clean yourself, it won’t do as much of a thorough job; so investing in a commercial cleaning company shows that you’re putting your staff first.

Furthermore, hiring deep cleaning services such as ours here at ECS saves on time and money. Conducting a clean yourself takes time away from your regular duties and constantly spending money on cleaning products that a commercial cleaning service already has is impractical. Here at ECS, we offer deep cleaning services in and around London, providing cleans for all kinds of commercial spaces. From hospitals to hotels, we can ensure the safety of staff, clients and customers alike.

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