ECS Awarded Builders Clean / Sparkle Clean Project For 50 Apartments

ECS Awarded Builders Clean / Sparkle Clean Project For 50 Apartments

ECS Commercial Cleaning was recently awarded a builders clean / sparklECS Commercial Cleaning was recently awarded a builders clean / sparkle clean contract for a total of 50 Apartments in SE1. The project was awarded by Buxton Building Contractors Limited of Caterham, Surrey. Founded in 1924, Buxton has been operating for nearly 100 years throughout London and the Home Counties. ECS are proud to have been recognised for their high standards throughout previous projects, which ECS assume has influenced the decision-making process.

ECS were delighted to be informed they had been awarded the contract and works are now well underway. As usual, ECS are ensuring that cleaning standards remain consistently high throughout the entire duration of the project. All appropriate procedures are adhered to by highly trained, fully qualified staff who are utilising only the latest in certified cleaning products and equipment. Throughout the project, the senior management team at ECS remain in constant contact with their counterparts at Buxton Building Contractors to ensure that client satisfaction is consistently met on a daily basis.

What is a builder’s clean?

As homeowners, many of us have experienced the various stages and stresses relating to construction and/or renovation works and are therefore aware of the mess that can be created as a result. It is fair to say that cleaning is an unavoidable necessity that requires our utmost attention. When the construction of new-build properties is concerned, a set of rigorous builders clean processes must be adhered to. In its simplest context, a builder’s clean (or sparkle clean) involves a thorough clean of a property (or properties in the case of apartment buildings) once building works have been completed. Anything from rubble to surface dust must be removed from the plots in question to ensure that all properties are left in a high standard of cleanliness before being handed over (or handed back) to the end client.

It is important to consider that not only should a property be left spotless at the end of the construction process but building sites in general should always remain clean and tidy. HSE (The Health & Safety Executive) offers the following advice in relation to this:

What is involved within the builder’s clean process?

Before undertaking the services of a builder’s clean service provider, it is important to understand the differences in relation to the builders clean and domestic clean process. As we have already stated, a builder’s clean is concerned with the thorough clean at the end of a construction or renovation project, whereas a domestic clean is a light clean performed to a property on a regular basis.

As we know, the building process almost always results in a messy outcome. In order for a builders clean to be successful, the construction site should be clear of any building materials and free from any other trades. In addition, any debris or rubbish should be removed from the site. Any surfaces including shelves must be wiped down; this includes cupboards and cabinets, both inside and out, mirrors and work surfaces such as kitchen tops and counters. Particular attention is paid to areas that require a heightened level of cleanliness such as kitchens and bathrooms. Windows and glazing will be treated with traditional window cleaning methods and products to ensure a smudge-free result.

Floors, which includes carpeted areas, laminate flooring and tiles, need to be vacuumed and mopped. Some floors will be particularly dirty as a result of the building process, so, therefore, may need to be scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned with appropriate equipment (such as buffer machines) and cleaning products.

The builders clean process will also pay attention to high-level areas such as light fittings, extractors and sensors. These areas typically only require a wipe down, however dust is likely to quickly resettle and so therefore will require a revisit.

It is important to consider that after any building works have been completed, dust will linger in the air for a considerable amount of time and will therefore continue to resettle on surfaces long after construction works have been completed. It is therefore necessary to revisit all surfaces until dust and residue no longer continues to settle and has been completely removed.

Builders Clean Companies – How do I hire a professional service provider?

Before deciding on hiring the services of a builders clean service provider, it is essential for you to assess your project’s requirements. In addition, ECS would recommend conducting thorough research into each cleaning service provider that you have shortlisted; this will involve asking for examples of previous work, checking the legitimacy of accreditations and also asking for testimonials from previous clients (or ideally, talking to them in person).

As a supplier of builder’s clean services, ECS Commercial Cleaning provides a variety of builders clean packages and services to support you with your project. Get in contact with ECS today to discuss your project and we will be happy to supply you with a bespoke quotation. Click here to get in touch:

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