ECS Sparkle Cleans Liverpool Street Station


ECS Sparkle Cleans Liverpool Street Station

ECS is dedicated to making your surroundings clean and hygienic. When we say this, we’re not just referring to your homes and commercial properties but also to the public spaces we all share here in Britain. In one such latest endeavour, ECS sparkle cleaned the Liverpool Street Station.

About Liverpool Street Station

Liverpool Street Station is a familiar place for Londoners. But, for those who may live in other parts of the UK and aren’t aware of it, Liverpool Street Station, also called London Liverpool Street, holds a central position in London’s extensive underground network. Established in 1874 in place of Bishopsgate state, the station provided passage to an average of about 66 million people per year during the pre-COVID years, making it the third busiest station in the whole of Britain. The station offers six starting points – in Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Greater London, Essex, and Cambridgeshire, making public transport more accessible and commuting through it a lot easier for countless people. While this is the primary purpose the station serves, it has more to offer.

Liverpool Street Station also provides visitors with a glimpse of London’s architectural heritage that it has successfully preserved over the years despite the radical modernisation projects undertaken here and is also home to two famous historical landmarks. These include the Great Eastern Railway War Memorial and Kindertransport Arrival Memorial. The former honours the Great Eastern Railway staff members killed during World War I, while the latter commemorates the arrival of 10,000 Jewish children from an orphanage in Germany, escaping the Nazi tyrants, in 1938.

Moreover, the station is only a short distance from some of London’s most iconic attractions, including the Tower of London, Brick Lane, Sky Garden, Old Spitalfields Market, and Exchange Square. This makes it an excellent route for tourists looking to save some money on commute.

ECS’ Builders and Sparkle Cleaning Services at Liverpool Street Station

It all began with a search and a recommendation. Cardon Property & Construction, a multi-award-winning construction contractor in the UK, was on the lookout for a reliable company to clean up after them at Liverpool Street Station, where they carried out a refurbishment project of the toilet facilities. It was a major repair and renovation project and involved replacing the cubicles, re-tiling floors and walls, and ceiling replacement.

Such an extensive restoration project meant there was a huge mess that required time and meticulous efforts to clear up. But, time was something that Cardon Construction Ltd. lacked. They wanted a professional commercial cleaning company in the UK that could deep clean the renovation side in a short span of time.

ECS was recommended for the job by one of our former clients as a gesture of appreciation for our impeccable professional services. However, the suggestion wasn’t initially well-received by Cardon Construction Ltd. The reason being Cardon’s unfamiliarity with ECS and short time. Unaware of ECS’ potential, professionalism, work history, and dedicated team, the people at Cardon weren’t sure if we could do finish the project in time and just how they wanted. But, they eventually decided to give us a try upon getting a raving review by our former client. And how incredibly proud it makes us to say that we didn’t let any of our clients down.

Here’s what Cardon Property and Construction had to say after we finished the project: 

“ECS Commercial Cleaning have recently completed both a builder clean and a sparkle clean for us on our project at London Liverpool Street Train Station of a toilet area refurbishment. Both cleans were carried out to a very high standard and I would highly recommend this company. We have also just awarded ECS with our next project in Perrivale, London to carry out our weekly site cleans on our site accommodation. Looking forward to working with you guys again, thank you.”

 Beverly Davenport – Manager.

Want an insight into our work? Here are a couple of pictures of the site for you:

Cleaning Services That ECS Performed at Liverpool Street Station

As part of Builders and Sparkle cleaning processes, we carried out the following tasks at the renovation site on London Liverpool Street, divided into two stages:

Initial Clean

The first stage of our professional Builders and Sparkle cleaning services involves:

  • Clearing up the clutter, including any building materials, scraps of wood, tiles, and other debris contractors may have left behind.
  • Cleaning splatters of cement and paint.
  • Cleaning built-up dust and dirt from all surfaces.

Sparkle Clean

The next, more comprehensive and detailed stage of Builders and Sparkle clean involves attending to every nook and cranny of the site and deep cleaning it. A Builders and Sparkle Clean by ECS leaves your property spotlessly clean and looking brand new. The exact range of services included in this final cleaning step can vary across projects, depending on what’s needed to be done to make a construction or renovation site squeaky clean. Here’s what we did at London Liverpool Street:

  • Deep cleaning the floors, walls, ceilings,
  • Cleaning all the sanitary installations, ensuring no cement or paint splatters or dust is left behind.
  • Polishing all stainless steel surfaces, installations, and equipment
  • Cleaning all the glass surfaces, leaving them spotless and sparkly.
  • Deep cleaning of door frames.
  • Window cleaning  

Get in Touch With ECS for Customized Cleaning Services

Trained teams, professionalism, reliability, and high-quality customized services are the defining features of ECS. If this is what you’re looking for, contact us to avail our professional cleaning services anywhere in the UK. We cater to residential and commercial properties as well as all kinds of public spaces. Contact us for all your cleaning needs.

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