ECS Will Clean Victoria Square’s New Residential Development

ECS Will Clean Victoria Square’s New Residential Development

If we’re to define ECS’ journey in professional cleaning in one word, it would be ‘growth.’ With its strong commitment to delivering the highest-quality services and a professionally-trained dedicated team on board, ECS has worked its way up to be recognized as one of the most reliable professional cleaning companies in the UK within just a little over a decade.

At ECS, we don’t make big claims. Instead, we believe in winning clients’ trust with our prompt, quality services, unparalleled professionalism, and utmost dedication to everything we do. Our winning of Victoria Square’s residential development cleaning project is evidence of that.

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What is the Victoria Square Project?

Located in the heart of Woking, a town in northwest Surrey that offers a perfect combination of small-town vibe and big-city energy, Victoria Square is one of the most significant, ambitious, and highest-investment projects in South East England. A joint venture between Moyallen Group and Woking Borough Council, the project is comprised of two high-rise residential blocks, above a flagship town centre, with 429 apartments. The development also houses two public plazas, a 4-star hotel in a separate tower, a medical centre, and several other commercial establishments to ensure the residents get the ultimate urban living experience with all the modern lifestyle facilities and amenities.

Victoria Square project is expected to offer a significant economic boost to the town of Woking.

Where Does ECS Fit in the Picture?

The construction of the multi-million pound Victoria Square development project in Woking is expected to be completed in spring 2022. It’s very close to phased completion. But, it’s not ready for occupancy yet. There is some more work that needs to be done before the residential towers can be opened for inspection and living.

Wondering what more work this magnificent project requires? Professional Cleaning!

As is common knowledge, construction projects are inherently messy. Therefore, even newly constructed projects need to be professionally cleaned before making them available for rent or sale. After all, you can’t show a dirty property to potential tenants or buyers. Professional cleaning helps make newly built sites presentable and more appealing.

This is exactly what ECS is hired to do at the Victoria Square development.

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How ECS Landed the Victoria Square Cleaning Project?

ECS landed this massive project through recommendation (see what we meant when we said we win customers’ trust through our work?). One of our former clients, for whom we conducted a Builders and Sparkle clean, was so impressed with our quality of work and customer service that they referred us to Victoria Square management for post-construction cleaning of their extravagant apartments.

Since the recommendation from a trusted, reputable source, Victoria Square management reached out to ECS and requested a quote.

At ECS, we design customized cleaning projects for each of our clients because we know that no two properties are the same. Living by our commitment and standard operating procedures, we responded to the query immediately and insisted on a site visit, so we could formulate a customized cleaning plan for the project and quote a fair price for it. Needless to say that Victoria Square’s management was highly impressed by our exceptional approach and great customer service because the fact that they gave us the contract for Sparkle Cleaning 429 apartments says it all.

A Little More About Victoria Square Apartments’ Sparkle Clean Project

Out of the total 429 apartments that we are hired to Sparkle Clean in two high-rise residential towers of Victoria Square in Woking, 232 are one-bed apartments, 165 are two-bed apartments, and 32 are studio apartments. While each of these three types of residential spaces has its own unique cleaning requirements, the Sparkle Clean project involves getting them squeaky clean and spotless from floor to ceiling. This will require us to do the following major tasks:

  • Removing all the debris and clutter that may be left behind after construction.
  • Removing all the cement and paint splashes that there may be on any surface.
  • Clearing dust and dirt
  • Floor cleaning
  • Window and glass cleaning
  • Cleaning door frames, cabinetry, window frames, etc.
  • Deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchen
  • Cleaning balconies and terraces, including the railings

What’s the Latest Progress on the Project?

Victoria Square apartments are close to completion. As mentioned earlier, they are scheduled for phased completion in spring 2022, after which the buildings will be handed over to us to do our professional cleaning magic. The contract has been signed, and we are all set to start the sparkle cleaning process at Victoria Square apartments on April 1, 2022.

This is one of the biggest cleaning projects we have got to date, and we know it will require a lot of hard work and dedication, but we are super-excited and pumped up to take on this project and determined to deliver services beyond our client’s expectations. Keeping in view the project’s magnitude, we know that it will likely come with its own unique challenges, but ECS’ builders’ cleaning teams are all set to deal with everything that comes their way.

Keep checking this space for updates on this project; we will share more once we start Builders and Sparkle Clean at Victoria Square’s residential blocks.

Hire ECS for All Your Cleaning Needs

If the client portfolio of a company has anything to say about their work, the Victoria Square project, we believe, says a lot about ECS’ cleaning services. Our clients consider us one of the most professional and reliable cleaning companies in the UK and recommend us to their families, friends, colleagues, and personal and professional acquaintances with great confidence. And we always go all out not to let our clients down.

Get in touch with us for all your cleaning needs; we offer commercial and residential cleaning services all over England.

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