ECS Wins New Commercial Cleaning London Contract


ECS Wins New Commercial Cleaning London Contract

ECS Commercial Cleaning Services are proud to announce they have been awarded a new contract with BIM’s; a restaurant chain originating from Paris, located in three prominent locations across London. ECS were tasked with taking over the contract from their current cleaning contractor. The current service supplier was unable to fulfil the required level of service that was expected of them.

Karim Rashid, Managing Director of BIM, confirmed that ECS Commercial Cleaning Services is now servicing three outlets. The outlets are based across London, in Walthamstow, Edmonton Green and Ilford. The customers of these restaurants have stated that the cleanliness of these eating environments is second to none. To date, ECS has successfully demonstrated their capacity to deliver outstanding environmental cleanliness to these restaurants. This is something that is of paramount importance as businesses begin to reopen their doors following the Coronavirus pandemic. Karim stated that “ECS Commercial Cleaning Services were clearly experts in their field. ECS Commercial Cleaning was able to introduce state-of-the-art restaurant cleaning equipment and superior cleaning products to our premises. This was combined with a passion for providing a level of service that was unmatched”.

The Importance Of Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

The importance of cleanliness within any retail or business environment is essential. It is important for both the growth and development of any business. It is widely acknowledged that the cleanliness of any commercial premises directly impacts image and reputation. This is the case for any business, not to mention productivity and profits in both the short-term and long term. It is important to consider that any customer entering business premises is likely to notice even minor levels of uncleanliness. This in turn could potentially lead to a negative first impression. ECS Commercial Cleaning London urges people to consider that clean, hygienic working spaces and environments are preferable. These environments are proven to attract customers, not to mention potential VIP personnel such as investors or potential partnering brands.

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Commercial Cleaning Services During The Covid-19 Pandemic

As we have learned over the past 2 years during the Covid-19 pandemic – hygiene is of paramount importance. It is essential in minimising the ongoing risk of infection. It is true that many businesses may choose to undertake commercial cleaning duties themselves. We must consider that considerable costs are often incurred in relation to purchasing the appropriate equipment and products. On a side note, the potential time that your own employees may have to spend in relation to cleaning duties. It is also worth mentioning the risks involved when handling specialist equipment or dangerous chemicals.

Trained To The Highest Of Standards

All ECS staff have to undergo rigorous training. This is to ensure that they have the knowledge and skill to handle all manner of cleaning tasks. This includes dedicated training to use the equipment and products involved. This is the very reason that ECS Commercial Cleaning London are called upon by thriving businesses. These businesses wish to rightly dedicate their time and resources to do what they do best. ECS ensures that business do while not having to worry about the cleanliness of their premises or working environment.

Outsource Your Cleaning Requirements

Outsource your commercial cleaning requirements to a competent, professional cleaning organisation such as ECS Commercial Cleaning Services. This can not only be cost-effective, but it will also assist in the fostering of a healthier working environment. It is important to consider that most businesses will suffer from a multitude of potential health hazards throughout normal operation. This can include poor washroom hygiene, untreated floors, and dirty surfaces, not to mention the build-up of dust throughout various fabrics located in an office environment.

Further expanding upon the notion of cost-effectiveness relating to the outsourcing of commercial cleaning services. Many businesses would be surprised to learn that outsourcing their cleaning requirements can save them money. ECS Commercial Cleaning Services will in fact save businesses and organisations money in several areas. These areas include the purchase of specialist chemicals and machinery. In addition, we must consider the hazards and insurance implications associated with managing commercial cleaning in-house.

Looking To Purchase Cleaning Products? Understand The Hazards.

Expanding further on the hazards that may be involved with the purchase of cleaning products. The use of harmful chemicals and contaminants can lead to sickness. In extreme cases, serious injury requires hospitalisation and possible death. It is also important to note that due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the industry has introduced new products. The products are potentially more dangerous than standard cleaning products to be available on the market. When acquired and used by untrained individuals, there are potentially greater risks involved. It is also important to note that many advanced cleaning products will not be readily available to untrained professionals. In many cases, these cleaning products will require certain qualifications and/or training to purchase.

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Reduce Commercial Cleaning Bills

Hiring a professional cleaning service will also eliminate the need to pay appointed staff a premium rate. This would typically be paid at an overtime rate by many organisations. Outsource your cleaning requirements to a professional cleaning organisation such as ECS Commercial Cleaning London It will not only reduce your cleaning bills. It will also ensure that all cleaning requirements are handled by competent, fully trained professionals who specialise in this area.

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