Why is Commercial Office Cleaning important?

Why is Commercial Office Cleaning important?

As a business, have you considered the importantce of commercial cleaning? Given that many of us spend a large proportion of our lives within commercial office environments, it is only right that we consider possible health and welfare implications. The physical health, productivity, comfortability, and wellbeing of the employee and business are subject to the cleanliness of the working environment. In response to this, ECS Commercial Cleaning advise that a regular and thorough office cleaning routine is essential.

A tidy working environment is not only beneficial to your employees, but it will also assist in attracting and retaining clients and investors. Furthermore, research would suggest that customers will be far more likely to engage in business activities with companies that can showcase an immaculate working environment. A high standard of cleaning will also reflect healthily throughout other areas of the business. By hiring ECS Commercial Cleaning, you can be assured that your organisation’s workplace will be left clean, tidy, and sanitised whenever we pay you a visit. As a professional cleaning company, we follow stringent procedures as outlined by the Health & Safety Executive: https://www.hse.gov.uk/cleaning/getting-started.htm

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What Are The advantages of Office Cleaning?

As a business owner, if you want your organisation to always portray the best possible image, then you should leave the cleaning to the professionals. In order to assure that your working environment is always clean and sanitised it would be wise to appoint a professional cleaning company such as ECS. A professional cleaning service such as ours will remove debris from surfaces, clean carpets and floors, wash windows, and handle waste disposal requirements if necessary. There are numerous benefits of a clean working environment as listed below.

Improved Air Quality

Unhygienic tables, floors, and upholstery can lead to poor indoor air quality within the workplace. In addition, inflammation of the eyes, nose, and throat, coupled with migraines, could also trigger asthma attacks. Cleaning and dusting carpets, upholstery, and other objects can trap dust and other contaminants from the air, ultimately leading to poor air circulation and quality. In response to this, it is advised to established regular cleaning schedules broken down into daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual tasks.

Many business owners are too busy to devise an appropriate cleaning schedule, let alone stick to it. That’s why it makes perfect sense to call on the professionals. Give ECS Commercial Cleaning Services a call today! https://ecscommercialcleaning.co.uk/contact/

Less Reduced Employee Sickness

It is common knowledge that viruses and bacteria can quickly spread from person to person within enclosed spaces such as office environments. As a result of this, employees can easily become ill in great numbers, which ultimately puts additional strain on fellow employees, not to mention the business in its entirety. A commercial office cleaning company such as ECS will ensure that the working environments of employees are always maintained to a high standard of cleanliness.

Enhanced Productivity

A clean and orderly working environment is often an efficient one. As a business you should not only consider cleanliness and hygiene related issues, but also other aspects such as tidiness. Offices overrun by paperwork and clutter can lead to low productivity in terms of employee output. In addition, a tidy working environment can lower stress levels and help in maintaining good mental health among employees and subcontractors.

A Less Hazardous Workplace

Aside from the cleanliness and hygiene related concerns already raised, it is important to ensure that your workplace is free from physical hazards. Walkways and other areas that attract a high-level of traffic must be kept clean and free from obstacles and obstructions.  

Cleaning routines can also lead to potential hazards within the workplace. For example, a freshly cleaned, unmarked wet floor can easily lead to a serious accident. Incorrectly labelled or misused cleaning products can have serious health implications when in the wrong hands. For this reason, ECS recommend that cleaning tasks should only be undertaken by a qualified, experienced cleaning company.

Great First Impressions

As a business you get one chance to create a first impression for every visitor that walks through your door. Therefore, it is essential that your working environments, be they public areas or behind the scenes, are kept clean and tidy at all times. A tidy and orderly workplace communicates a high-level of professionalism that reflects throughout other areas of the business. All visitors, be they guests, clients, prospects or investors, will appreciate a clean and tidy working environment.

Call The Office Cleaning Professionals

ECS believe that all organisations should benefit from clean, tidy, and hygienic working environments whenever possible. In order to achieve this, it is important to hire a cleaning company that you can trust to deliver the highest level of cleaning standards.

It is no secret that ECS Commercial Cleaning are quickly becoming widely recognised for their professionalism and attention to detail within the office cleaning arena.

ECS also offer a variety of other commercial cleaning-related services such as commercial kitchen deep cleaning, retail cleaning, warehouse cleaning and Coronavirus deep cleans. In addition, we can also support other areas of your business with services including general maintenance, waste management and pest control.

So why not put ECS Commercial Cleaning to the test? Call us on 0333 174 0799 to discuss your requirements, or email us on info@ecscommercialcleaning.co.uk.

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