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At ECS, we are dedicated to providing a superior range of cleaning services that are designed to meet your time and budget.

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ECS Nursery Cleaning Services

At ECS Commercial Cleaning, we understand the unique demands and responsibilities involved in maintaining a clean and safe environment for nurseries and early childhood education centres. Recognising that these facilities require the utmost attention to cleanliness and hygiene to protect the well-being of young children, our Nursery Cleaning Services are meticulously designed to meet these needs with precision and care. We ensure that every corner of your facility is not only spotlessly clean but also safe and conducive to learning and play.

Specialised Cleaning Protocols for Nurseries

Comprehensive Sanitisation:
Our services cover all areas of the nursery, including classrooms, play areas, kitchens, and bathrooms. We use child-safe, non-toxic cleaning products approved for use in settings with young children. This ensures that every surface is free from harmful bacteria and viruses without exposing children to harsh chemicals.
Customised Cleaning Plans:
Understanding that each nursery is unique, with different schedules and activities, we offer flexible and customised cleaning plans. These plans are tailored to fit seamlessly into your nursery's routine, ensuring minimal disruption to the children's day. We consider your specific needs and preferences to create a cleaning schedule that maintains the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
Allergy-Sensitive Cleaning:
With the increase in allergies among young children, our cleaning methods also focus on reducing allergens in the environment. This includes regular dusting, vacuuming with HEPA filters, and thorough cleaning of fabric and soft furnishings that can harbor allergens.
Enhanced Cleaning for High-Touch Areas:
In nursery settings, certain areas and items are frequently touched by little hands. We pay special attention to these high-touch areas, such as toys, doorknobs, tables, and chairs, ensuring they are regularly sanitised to prevent the spread of germs.

Our Expertise

Creating a Safe and Welcoming Environment
A clean nursery is essential not only for the health of the children but also for their overall development. A well-maintained environment promotes a sense of well-being and security, making the nursery a place where children are happy and free to explore and learn. Our cleaning services help create a pristine, welcoming space that parents can trust and children can enjoy.
Safety and Security Measures
Our commitment to safety extends beyond cleaning. We ensure that all our staff are thoroughly vetted and trained to work in environments with young children. Our team follows strict safety protocols, using cleaning equipment and materials that are safe and suitable for nursery settings.
Sustainability and Responsibility
In line with our commitment to environmental stewardship, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are effective yet gentle on the planet. Our sustainable practices help in reducing the ecological footprint of our cleaning operations while ensuring the health and safety of the children in your care.
Professionalism and Reliability
ECS Commercial Cleaning is renowned for its professionalism and reliability. We pride ourselves on our punctuality, efficiency, and the high quality of our services. Our proactive communication and responsiveness ensure that you are always satisfied with our work and that any specific requests or concerns are promptly addressed.

Why Choose ECS Commercial Cleaning?

Ensure your nursery stands out as a pinnacle of cleanliness and safety with ECS Commercial Cleaning. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maintain a spotless and healthy environment for the children in your care. For more information or to arrange a consultation, please contact our customer service team.


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    We care deeply about the environments we service, ensuring each job is carried out with precision, eco-friendly practices, and a commitment to client satisfaction.
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