Pest Control Within Commercial Environments

Pest Control Within Commercial Environments

Pests can be a significant issue for any business or organisation to have to deal with. They pose a threat to commercial environments and the staff that work within them. In order to keep pests at bay, it is recommended to employ the services of a professional pest control organisation such as ECS. There are many websites online that offer excellent advice in relation to pest control (such as BPCA –, however, it is always advisable to seek the services of a professional organisation such as ECS.

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ECS Pest Control Services Can Assist You With:

Rats and Mice

There is a noticeable variation in the size between rats and mice; mice with their long and slender tails covered with fur, unlike their rat counterparts with tails that are shorter and thicker. Despite their differences, rats and mice carry the same diseases (Listeria and Salmonella) which must be prevented within office and hotel environments in order to avoid contamination.


Ants are most active in summer periods as it is the safest time of year for them to forage for food. In the winter, they are unable to survive the cold; therefore, they will gather their nutrition in hotter periods and store for more extended periods. As a result, ants are protected from the cold weather and can consume their stored food as opposed to risking the cold.


Pigeons, despite their sometimes pleasant appearance, can carry a wide variety if deadly diseases such as Ornithosis, Listeria and E-coli. These diseases can be transmitted to people not only via pigeon droppings but also by the birds themselves. Pigeon fouling not only leads to an unpleasant smell, but is also an eyesore for buildings and outdoor furniture. This is a particular problem when attempting to attract potential customers to a public venue.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a widespread insect found almost anywhere within upholstery. It is important for any business owner to be extra vigilant in relation to potential infestations. This is of particular importance within hospitality-related environments such as hotels. A professional pest control service will ensure that your premesis is clean and free from bed bugs and similar pests.

Pest Control and Your Businesses Reputation

Ensuring that a working environment is clean, safe and free from pests is crucial. This is important not only for staff, but also for customers, be they existing or potential customers. Some of the disadvantages of not employing the services of a professional pest control company such as ECS are as follows:

  • Disruptions during the working day.
  • A poor first impression for customers or tarnished image.
  • Lower staff morale.
  • Increased expenses associated with maintenance or repair as a result of an infestation.
  • Termination of lease agreements.

Hire a reputable pest control company

Hiring an ecologically conscious pest control company such as ECS will ensure that potential or current infestations are prevented and taken control of using the latest technology.

An eco-friendly pest control plan must:

  • Use chemical-based products in a safe manner.
  • Promote the safe use of our insecticides.
  • Use pesticides that are safe for humans and the environment.
  • Reduce the risk of unintentional exposure to humans, wildlife, and the environment. Potential consequences could include air, water, and soil contamination.
  • Not destroy wildlife and vegetation.

It is no secret that ECS is quickly becoming widely recognised for their professionalism and attention to detail within the pest control arena. So why not put Pest Control to the test? Call us on 0333 174 0799 to discuss your requirements or click here to visit our contact page.

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