Finding a property maintenance company in London

Finding a property maintenance company in London

A tailored property maintenance plan is essential for any London based commercial premises, and indeed, any commercial premises situated within the UK. From small businesses to large corporations, every organisation relies on a thorough maintenance plan and schedule. While some smaller routine tasks can be handled by on-site staff on a daily or weekly basis, it is often advantageous to hire a professional team for more complex tasks.

Who should be responsible for the maintenance of your commercial property?

As a business owner, if you own your commercial premises then you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your premises is suitably maintained. This however does not imply that yourself or your staff should carry the burden of this responsibility. It is possible to plan and allocate specific tasks to the relevant personnel who are capable of carrying out the property maintenance tasks; be they in-house staff or an external agency. It necessary to point out that in the case that you, as a business owner, lease your commercial premises, then you are responsible for reviewing your lease agreement to check which maintenance tasks you are responsible for. In the case of commercial property landlords, they would normally be responsible for any structural repairs including foundations, flooring, roof and exterior walls, while tenants would be responsible for non-structural related repairs which may include items such as air conditioning, electrical work and plumbing. outlines typical items that a commercial tenant is often responsible for, which can be reviewed ion this link:

Property Maintenance London – Hire ECS

It is common for commercial property owners to consider the following alternatives in relation to routine property maintenance:

Staff Involvement (DIY)

Although it may be possible for your staff to handle all or part of the maintenance work (particularly in the case of dealing with a smaller property), it is not always the preferred option. Not only would the works distract from the staff members working day, but the works could also pose a risk to the safety of staff members and possibly the general public. It is important to consider that although the staff member in question may feel confident about the property maintenance works, they may not posses the skills and knowledge to carry out the tasks sufficiently and safely. For example, electrical works could prove to be potentially life threatening if not dealt with in the correct manner. Furthermore, if works are not carried out in a satisfactory manner, then it is likely that further issues will arise in the not too distant future.

Request the tenant to take responsibility for property maintenance works

In the case where you own a commercial property that you are leasing to a tenant, you may wish to detail within the contract that the tenant is responsible for all property maintenance works. This however is not considered an ideal option as there is a risk that you (as the landlord) will not have the chance to manage or oversee the works that have taken place.

Hire a professional property maintenance company

As you will probably be aware, there are many areas of property maintenance that are better suited to a professional property maintenance company such as ECS Commercial Cleaning. Some of the services that a property maintenance company could provide include cleaning, landscaping, general maintenance and repairs, security and pest control.

Let’s take a look at some of the services that ECS could offer in greater detail:


A new coat of paint can make building interiors and exteriors look brand new. This will not only set a fantastic first impression for your customers and potential investors, but will also improve staff morale.

Electrical Works:

Rest assured that one of our supplied, insured and fully licensed electricians will check and test all of your electrical systems on a regular basis to ensure that they are working as they should be. Electrical components including breakers and switches are given extra attention to ensure they are in full working order.

Kitchen & Bathroom Maintenance:

Kitchens and bathrooms are areas of your commercial property that should be given extra due care and attention. These areas are likely to harbour grime and bacteria, and so therefore must undergo a rigorous and regular cleaning routine. Remember that many of your visitors are likely to visit the bathroom at some point during their visit to your premises, so therefore these areas must be maintained to the same standards as the rest of the building.

For more information on the Property Maintenance London services that ECS can provide, please click on the following link:

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