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School Cleaning – The Benefits Of Hiring A Reputable Company

School Cleaning – The Benefits Of Hiring A Reputable Company

As children are returning back to normal school life after the Covid-19 COVID-19 outbreak, it’s more important than ever to focus upon a thorough school cleaning. Schools can be breeding grounds for pathogens. Therefore, children, especially those that are younger, cannot be adequately monitored. However, it is the responsibility of school owners and school management to prioritise school cleaning more than ever before.

The reliance on internal school cleaning is no longer considered a satisfactory solution to ensure that all areas are attended to with the appropriate technology, cleaning products and appropriately qualified cleaning staff. By contracting the services of a professional school cleaning company, you can be assured that your educational centre will benefit from a clean environment that is not favourable to viruses and pathogens.

School Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning and general hygiene have always been an essential component of a school’s schedule and maintenance, but it has taken on even greater significance in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. And effective school cleaning must focus upon the following areas:

  1. Classroom
  2. Toilet
  3. Hallways
  4. Staffroom and offices
  5. kitchen and canteens

A daily cleaning schedule is required to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure that all staff and pupils are kept safe and healthy.

school cleaning

Cleaning Methods Used by Professionals

An unclean, unsensitised school environment can impact students in both terms of performance and sickness. We can also experience the side effects of irritating substances such as dust, resulting in respiratory difficulties and asthma through indoor air pollution and allergens.

Thorough school cleaning and maintenance can help alleviate these issues, resulting in a better learning environment for everyone.

Environmentally friendly cleaning

The Healthy Schools Campaign (available at this link: https://www.healthyschools.org.uk/) offers online assessment tools that will assist you to through the school health check process. This program also assists schools in adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Green cleaning programs are designed to increase student learning, protect teachers and extend the life of the school facility without overlooking the environmental advantages.

Maintenance of the facility

Preventative maintenance and routine inspections allow the discovery of issues before they become dangerous to one’s health. For example, improved interior air quality can be achieved via a well-maintained ventilation system.

School cleaning should create rules covering the entire structure, from the ground up.

The Value Of A Healthy And Clean School Environment

Germs that cause illness can quickly spread from student to student, teacher to student, and vice versa throughout a school setting. The greater the number sick individuals, the lower the school’s overall productivity levels become, and the higher the chance is of individuals being off due to sickness becomes.

As a result, it is acknowledged that a safe and healthy school impacts students, teachers, school personnel, and management in various ways:

Parents will have less to worry about: It gives parents peace of mind that children will not be exposed to dirt or pollutants, making them sick. Children can enhance their school performance by reducing their chances of becoming ill, as the illness is one of the leading causes of student absenteeism.

Students and teachers will be less distracted: A cluttered classroom will undoubtedly cause a teacher to become distracted while teaching.

Positive behaviours are instilled in Children: Children who develop within a clean school setting are more likely to uphold this cleanliness wherever they go, perhaps at home or elsewhere.

More study time: No more time wasted due to sickness in a congested class environment.

A safe learning environment free of health issues is vital, regardless of the type of school – whether it is a preschool, high school, college, or a university.

Why Should you Hire a Reputable school Cleaning Company?

A school cleaning company, such as ECS Commercial Cleaning, will provide a professional service and ensure that the cleanliness of your school is maintained by highly trained professionals who use only the latest technology and appropriate cleaning products.

School Cleaning – What are the benefits of hiring a reputable cleaning company?
A school cleaning company provides a high degree of expertise and flexibility while teachers and other school employees can devote more time to their work. They will:

  1. Ensure that every educational area is examined alongside school administration personnel.
  2. Use environmentally friendly and lengthy cleaning procedures and supplies.
  3. The school has the flexibility to change the number of cleaning operatives required and specific days or dates. This will ensure that cleaning schedules can effectively fit around the schools timetables.
  4. Ensures non-toxic cleaning in preschools; it is essential to use child-friendly cleaning products to clean, particularly in schools where there are more younger people than adults.
  5. Extensive cleaning is planned and completed during school holidays.

Outsourcing your school cleaning requirements to a professional company such as ECS Commercial Cleaning will result in a healthier, happier and safer environment for students and staff. Contact us now to hear more about how we can assist you with your school cleaning needs!

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