Why Hire A Builders Clean Service Provider?

Why Hire A Builders Clean Service Provider?

What is a builders clean?

It is important to consider that there is a big difference between a builders clean and a typical domestic clean or commercial cleaning service. A domestic or commercial clean is typically a light clean that is performed on a regular basis, while a builders clean is performed once a construction or building project has reached completion. A builders clean or sparkle clean will ensure that the property (or properties) in question are free from dirt, dust and debris and ready to hand over to the property owner or client.

As you can probably imagine, a construction or building project will ultimately leave a great deal of mess behind. The reason for this is the sheer amount of work involved, combined with the number of different trades involved within the project; for example, a typical building project will likely involve groundworkers, bricklayers, carpenters, plasters, electricians, plumbers and decorators. Each of these trades perform very different works, each involving a different set of tools and materials.

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What about the health hazards associated with building works?

Along with construction or building works comes a range of associated health hazards. One major health hazard is the build-up of dust that can be inhaled by personnel working on or visiting the property. Many people will have the perception that dust does not pose a major threat, however the fact is that regularly breathing in construction-related dust can lead to diseases such as lung cancer asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and silicosis. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) provides detailed information concerning the dangers of construction dust, available on the following link: https://www.google.com/search?q=dangers+of+dust+inhalation&rlz=1C1ONGR_en-GBGB984GB984&oq=dangers+of+dust+inhalation&aqs=chrome..69i57.3182j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8. In addition to this, CHAS recently published an article detailing a new initiative concerning the crackdown of dust and other issues that are likely to affect the health and welfare of construction site personnel: https://www.chas.co.uk/blog/month-long-inspection-initiative-will-cover-dust-and-coronavirus/

What are some of the benefits of builders clean or sparkle clean services?

Disposal of waste

The builders clean process not only deals with dirt, dust and grime, but also ensures that any waste is disposed of responsibly and safely. It is important to consider that some products or materials used during the building process can be hazardous, therefore it is essential to ensure that a competent team of professionals is hired to handle these responsibilities in a careful manor.

A professional service at all times

Construction companies would typically focus upon the sourcing and provision of building-related trades for projects, therefore builders clean requirements are often not a consideration; in fact they are commonly left as an afterthought. While construction personnel on site are often required to clean up after themselves, a full and thorough sparkle clean service is required to ensure that everything is left spotless – this is where ECS are ready to assist.

A Sparkle Clean does exactly that!

Before a property (or properties) are handed back/over to the property owners or client, the property needs to be ready for presentation as quickly as possible. This applies to both a brand new commercial or domestic property or an existing property that has undertaken construction works (such as an extension or conservatory for example). A professional sparkle clean company such as ECS will ensure that every aspect and every area of the property is left spotless and free from dust or dirt.

The right tools, products and personnel are provided for the job

Builders cleans and sparkle cleans are typically outsourced to experienced service providers because they possess the knowledge and skill to complete the project responsibly, to a high standard. An external company such as ECS will arrive to site with all of the necessary tools and products to ensure that the procedure is a success and disruption to other trades is kept to a minimum. All operatives supplied by ECS are trained to the highest of standards. In addition, we also conduct extensive background checks for all our employees, including DBS checks, before they join our team to make sure we’re sending the right people to your property or project.

Where can I hire a professional builders clean service provider?

Look no further as ECS Commercial Cleaning are highly experienced within the builders clean and sparkle clean industry. ECS are able to provide highly trained, qualified personnel equipped with the latest technology and products required to tackle any amount of post-construction mess. Whether you’re a construction company or a renovation firm, we can help you stage your work in the best possible way and have a construction site converted into a ready-to-use property.

Read more about our builders clean services on the following link: https://ecscommercialcleaning.co.uk/builders-cleaning-services/

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